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May 12, 2012 8:00am PDT
governor jerry brown giving a heads-up what may be to come. and also speaking of that, will come. here is the forecast from lisa argen. >> lisa: marine layer has grown taller overnight. it's helping the onshore breezes here in the city. it's sunny behind us but depending on where you are this morning, you will get some fog, fog hanging out at the coast by later on this afternoon. anywhere from 800 to 900 feet. we'll look for golden gate park on the gray side but later on today, it should be a lot like yesterday. upper 60s and much more warming south and east. 51 in oakland, 55 in fremont. 58 in mountain view. 50 in half moon bay. overall it is feeling a little bit cooler this morning. we are looking at visibility improving already to nearly 40 miles at half moon bay. we were down to quarter of a mile earlier and napa had low visibility. cool start except for livermore. warm finish once again and fog staying right at the coast. dense marine layer becomes compresswood a breezier weather on the way tomorrow for mother's day. so we do have high pressure to the north. working in our f
May 5, 2012 8:00am PDT
cellphones turned in by state workers when governor jerry brown ordered state agencies to reduce the number of employees that had one. that means the bargains aren't bargains if you looking to buy just one. >> you can see you have to buy in bulk here. that is the catch. >> you don't need a hundred phones? >> i can't use a hundred phones. >> but if you are reseller, an auction is an opportunity to make money. she is eyeing jewelry, some of which was seized by chp during drug raids. >> a lot of times i can pull out of the stuff to make money. >> department of general services picked up goods confiscated at the los angeles, san francisco and sacramento airports. >> transportation security administration requires you can only take so much liquid on to airplane. >> there are hundreds of pocket knives from tsa. he was hoping to be able to find his. >> i am down here to find it. i'm going to get it. >> the state made $100,000 at the last auction, but in tough economic times, every dollar counts. >> today is your chance to make some money and make east palo alto safer at the same time. it's
May 19, 2012 8:00am PDT
arrest last month and seeking diplomatic immunity at the embassy there. >> governor brown has ordered the flag state capital to be flown at half-staff on tuesday to honor soldiers that were killed in afghanistan. his wife and two sons were joined by veterans at oakland international airport. they received the body of staff sergeant thomas fogarty. he was killed outside of kabul last week. they were there to receive the casket. they formed a group of motorcycle ride there's honor u.s. soldiers. >> we are good patriots and veterans and it's our job to honor our veterans when they come home whether it's good or bad. >> we didn't even get a chance really to find out much of where he was because he passed away only three weeks after he got to the country. >>> they escorted the casket to the funeral home. >>> this morning there is a recall of salinas valley lettuce. it may be taken by listeria. river ranch shredded iceberg lettuce. sold under farm stand market side and cisco and dated may 12 through 22nd. it's been pulled from the shelves but you might have some the fridge. a bit of
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3